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What is Doggie Day Care? It is a new concept in K-9 care designed for busy dog owners. It offers an option of a day of play and socialization rather than boredom and anxiety of being home alone. Club K-9 guests spend an entire day romping in supervised playgroups of canine and human friends. Playgroups are based on age, size and temperament levels of the dogs.

During a typical play day at Club K-9, your dog will romp around with their friends in the morning session; retire from 12:00-2:00 to their condos for nap time. During this quiet time your dog will be in their individual condos on their "comfy cots". For two hours your dog will have a chance to rest & relax to quiet music and dimmed lights. Then it's back to interactive play for the afternoon session. With our state-of-the-art facility and functional design, each indoor play area has a separate outdoor fenced area. Playgroups are rotated between their indoor and outdoor areas throughout the day.

Benefits of doggie day care:

  • Provides a fun, stimulating play atmosphere for your dog instead of them spending their days at home alone
  • Improves social skills
  • Improves health and well being and provides adequate exercise
  • Decreases separation anxiety

Club K-9 is proud to offer "cageless boarding". We are one of the few facilities in the Charlotte area that offer doggie suites instead of kennels for that "true "home away from home" experience.

Condos vary in size; appropriate for your dog's weight. All beds are elevated off of the floor, no sleeping on concrete floors here!
Climate controlled, soothing music, "comfy cots" for bedtime - your dog will love their vacation at Club K-9!

Our typical boarding day starts with a 7am wake-up call, followed by a visit to our outdoor play area and a hearty breakfast. With their bellies full, it's off to Doggie Day Care for a day of fun and frolic with their friends. After a day of play, they are given their evening meal, taken outside for pm relief and "tucked" in for the night. No more paying extra for walks or playtime! Our facilities are equipped with full security and fire monitoring systems.


  • Requirements for cageless boarding:
  • Dogs may not act aggressively towards staff, customers or other dogs
  • Dogs must be evaluated and accepted before first boarding. We recommend that they are part of the day care program
  • All vaccinations must be up to date and owner must provide verification from vet

Club K-9 has a team of employees that offer pet sitting including mid day walks, transportation to and from daycare, and overnight stays, for the dogs that have issues with boarding at our facility. Email jbrewer14@gmail.com or call 704-904-9483 for additional info.

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